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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose My Baby Fence?

My Baby Fence has spent many years in the pool safety fence business perfecting and fine-tuning our products and skills. From start to finish, you will notice how knowledgeable, professional, and experienced we are. Our materials are carefully crafted, literally by-hand, to be the best in the industry. We guarantee our work and product and will stand by it. Call us for a free quote so we can show you just how affordable and simple the process can be. Most people are quite surprised.

Why do I need a pool safety fence?

More children drown in Florida than any other state in the US. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), children younger than years old 5 represent more than 75% of all pool and spa drowning deaths. And of course, most child drownings occur in their own backyard pool. The highest risk of drowning for both children is between ages 1 to 4 years. This is when they are most vulnerable and unlikely to have any skills they can use to save themself. And it's not just deaths you should worry about. For every child who dies from drowning, another five have to be rushed to the ER for drowning related injuries. Most pool and outdoor water drownings at home could be prevented by installing a pool safety fence as soon as possible.
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What makes your products better?

Our see-through screen material is cut to a specific size, than the borders are sewn on to each size. This ensures a detail-focused size and quality for each and every section. Once the screen sections are done, they are placed on a custom jig with our custom powder-coated poles and screw them together with stainless steel screws. Each section is make by-hand and checked for quality through every step. (Our competitors rely on a machine and hope it got it right). Every section of fence we produce is measured to an exact size so that using installation, you end up with a flawless, strong fence. No sagging allowed.

How long does the fence installation take?

It obviously depends on the size of the fence, but anywhere between 2 and 4 hours.

How tall is your fence?

Our fences are four (4) feet tall, which match state law requirements

How far apart are the pool safety poles?

Our poles are spaced 36 inches apart for our pool safety fences which meets state requirements.

Can the pool fence be removed?

Yes. All our pool fences can be lifted from the in-groud sleeves and rolled up in a matter of minutes.

Do I need a construction permit from the city?

No. Since a pool safety fence is removable, they do not require a permit.

Will my child easily break the fence?

No. The poles we designed are high strength and have been reinforced to withstand pressure. Our poles bend or break at over 70lbs, which is more than double that of competitors or poles you would find online. This is because we design, test, and manufacture our own poles, so we have direct control over their quality. Our poles also fit more snuggly into the ground to give the fence a solid, more sturdy feel.The poles we designed are high-strength and reinforced.

Do your gates have a trip bar on the ground?

No. There is no bar to step over or trip on when you pass through one of our self-closing gates.

Do your gates "self close"?

Yes, our pool safety gates self-close by design. This ensures that the fence gate is not accidentally left open, completely defeating the purpose of the entire fence.

Can you install a fence on brick pavers?

Yes, we can install a pool safety fence on brick pavers.

Do I need to be present during installation?

We do need somebody present at the beginning of installation in order to go over the exact placement of the fence and to get any last minutes requests from the customers. After that, you may leave if you need to. We just want our customers to be as happy as possible, and sometimes things like the location of the gate can make a big difference.

Do you install pool net covers?

No. They are not practical in Florida, are a huge hassle for the customer, and often aren’t safe enough. We have installed fences for many clients who were not happy with a pool net and decided on a safety fence instead.

Will my fence rust over time?

No. All parts used are either Aluminum or Stainless Steel, both of which do not rust.

What do you think about DIY pool fence kits?

We don't think very highly of them. Whether you buy a kit on Amazon, Ebay, or even from some guy on Craigslist, DIY fences are often cheaply produced with poor quality materials in overseas factories that have no concern for quality or safety. They are simply trying to sell a product. Often times, the cost of a My Baby Fence fence and installation is comparable and even sometimes cheaper than DIY kits. They are a hassle to install, require speciality drill bits to drill through your pool deck, and often end up sagging and weak. Never under estimate experience when it comes to installing something that requires precise measurements and tension. We have been to many clients’ homes who have gotten themselves into a mess with a DIY kit, either by damaging their pool deck or just by wasting their money, time, and sanity.

Why should I get a self-closing safety gate?

A pool safety fence is a much safer fence when it has a self-closing safety gate. Without a self-closing gate, you have to physically undo a hook and manually pull out a fence pole from the ground in order to gain access to the pool. You then have nothing to stop a small child from walking through the opening. Our gates self-close and self-latch as soon as you pass through them. Quite often we have installed a pool safety fence next door to a home that has a pool safety fence with no gate. Almost every time we see this, a pole have been removed for access to the pool and was not put back into place. This is why children have drown even when they had a safety fence installed.