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Pool Fence St. Petersburg

Pool Fence St. Petersburg Image

We recently had the opportunity to install this pool fence in St. Petersburg and it was a very difficult job. While we typically install our safety fences and gates around pools in the backyard, we also put fences up to protect children from streams, ponds, and other waterways. Our fences are much more pleasing to the eyes than traditional chain link fences and the mesh is practically see through, so you still get to keep your view of the water.

This installation was rather difficult as the concrete where we had to drill the holes was only 8 inches wide. Our pool fence industrial drill is rather large and made for a challenging time. As always, at the end of the day, we took our time and made sure the job was done right.

This family can be at ease now knowing they have a barrier in place to protect their family and children from the waterway behind their home. This year has been a particularly rough one for drownings in Florida. Drowning is sometimes called the silent killer, because it happens so fast and usually because the unfortunate individual is not monitored at the time.

Aside from teaching children to swim at an early age, creating a barrier between the home and water, all children need to be supervised 100% of the time around the pool. Even experienced swimmers can have an accident and drown. All it takes is a child slipping and hitting their head on the concrete.

While pools and waterways offer much enjoyment, they can be dangerous when not respected. All fences installed around pools and water should be 4 feet high and not climbable. This is another reason a pool safety fence like this one in St. Petersburg is a good option around a seawall. Our fences aren't able to be climbed like a small chain link fence and don't have large gaps like a vinyl picket fence. Yes, you could install a wooden privacy fence, but you lose the view that you've paid so much money for.

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