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Tampa Bay Pool Fences and Baby Gates

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Swimming pool safety fences are a necessity when you have a pool or other accessible waterway near your home. In fact, in Florida, it is a law to have some type of barrier around your pool. Even if your patio is screened in a pool safety fence is necessary.

Curious kids can easily slip out of an unlocked patio door when the parents are busy doing other things. Most children love the water and are fascinated with pools. It only takes a few seconds for a child to end up in a pool. While we highly recommend that every child learn to swim at an early age, it is also necessary to provide some barriers around your pool.

Door alarms, locks that are out of the reach of children, and adult supervision are all things that can prevent child drownings, but they aren't consistent. Door alarms can malfunction, adults can be in another room, and locks can be unlocked. The one thing that always provides protection is a custom pool safety fence with a self closing baby gate.

At My Baby Fence, we manufacture our fences and gates right here in Florida. All fences are built to order and custom designed for your space. Call today or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

Never leave a child alone around a pool even if you have a pool safety fence. The best protection for your family is adult supervision and a barrier around the pool. Together you can feel safe and know that your family is safe.