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Pool Fences Save Lives

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When the new baby arrives, parents spend a lot of time and money planning for the safety of their child. They will do things like put pads on sharp corners, add locks to cabinets, put gates near the stairs, and cover electrical outlets. However, the one thing that is often overlooked is the pool in the back yard.

So far in 2020, Florida drowning deaths are up by over 70% from 2019 according to this article from ABC Action News. For children between the ages of 1 and 4, drowning has been the leading cause of death for years and the rates are rising.

There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of a child drowning in your pool. Of course, adult supervision is always needed when children are playing in the pool, but in order to always have peace of mind, every family should have a pool fence installed.

A My Baby Fence pool fence is custom built to the dimensions of your pool for a proper and safe barrier. Our self closing, self latching gate is one of the best on the market if not the best and ensures that no young child could accidentally make their way into the pool. Our pool fence meets the requirements established in the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act for the state of Florida.

Our pool fences are installed by professionals with years of experience, never contractors. In addition to a fence around the pool, we can install our fences around hot tubs, ponds, and even on a seawall.

Drowning is a 100% preventable death. It only takes a minute for a child to slip out the back door and fall into a pool. Our pool fences save lives.