Pool Fence Product Line

My baby fence uses the absolute best materials available to date ensuring strength, reliability, longevity and peace of mind for the customer. All products used are either Stainless steel or high grade Aluminum. Our pool fence sections come in 12’ lengths with a pole every 3’. A 12’ section can easily be rolled up and stored away to use at a later date should you need to temporarily remove your fence. Each 12’ section is connected with a stainless steel safety latch. There are no gaps or spaces in our fence system any larger than 2 inches. We also provide deck caps to match the color of your deck for when the fence is removed, whether it be temporary or permanent. Paver installations are not a problem, we use a diamond tipped water cooled core drill that drills a very small perfectly round hole.


PICTURE OF GATE Pool Fence Gates – We strongly believe that we have one of the safest, easiest to operate, self closing, self latching, lockable pool fence gates in the industry to date. We use the very best hardware and latch system available.


PICTURE OF X POLES X Pole – Our poles are made from a high grade corrosion resistant aluminum with re enforced X style construction the entire length of the pole. These poles offer strength and are very light weight making it easy for the home owner to handle should you choose to remove your pool fence and re install it.


PICTURE OF SAFETY HOOK Safety Hook and Eye – Every 12’ section of pool fence is connected with a Stainless steel spring loaded safety hook and eye. The safety spring prevents small children from accidentally unhooking a section of the pool fence. The hooks and eyes are attached to the poles approximately 4’ off the ground.


PICTURE OF SCREWS Screws - Our screws are made from stainless steel coated with a tough UV resistant high quality coating to match the color of your poles.


PICTURE OF BORDER MATERIALS Border material – The border material that runs at the top and bottom of our pool fences matches the color of our poles and is UV resistant to last. This border is sewn on with the very best UV resistant marine grade stitching available to date.


PICTURE OF MESH Mesh – Our mesh is 100% PVC Coated Polyester yarns. This mesh is designed to be Transparent, Strong and UV Resistant for an extended life.


PICTURE OF GROUND SLEEVES Ground Sleeves – Our ground sleeves are made from polypropylene to last as long as possible. The fence poles slide in to these sleeves for a nice snug fit in to your deck around your pool or other protected area.