Our Pool Fence Install Showcase

On this page you will see some of our photos from real-world installs. Click the image icon to load a more detailed page of the project coupled with larger photos full of high-resolution detail.


Pool Fence Seminole Pool Fence Seminole
Today's Pool Fence in Seminole was installed as a result of a near drowning. A few months ago we did an estimate at this home. Months later the home owners called us and asked how fast we could install a fence. Their little girl fell in the pool over the weekend while chasing their new puppy. She was only in the water 20 seconds while struggling to reach for the surface she swallowed some water. Her parents got the scare of a lifetime, luckily they found her in time. Other families are not so lucky. We installed a fence the very next day after their phone call and scary story. Most, do not get a second chance. Do not wait until its to late. Call today.


Pond Pond
This home owner in Lutz wanted a pool fence around his pond as well as his pool. Children can drown in six inches of water.


Mill finish (No Powder coat) Mill finish (No Powder coat)
This is our mill finish fence. By offering pool fence with no powder coat it allows customers to save even more money on their fence. Ask us about it. This pool fence was done in Palm Harbor.


Beautiful home on the water Beautiful home on the water
This home on the water had stairs leading up to the pool area from the yard. We installed a pool fence with self closing gates at the bottom of each set of stairs. We also put pool fence around the over flow pool in the center. This pool fence was installed in Indian Rocks.


Another Beautiful home on the water. Another Beautiful home on the water.
This is our Brown Mesh with Beige poles Pool Fence. This one was installed in Indian Rocks with two self closing safety gates.


Pool Fence Tampa Pool Fence Tampa
These people were smart enough to have a Pool Fence installed before they moved in to their new home in Tampa. We installed two of our self closing, self latching, lockable gates in this Pool Fence.


Black mesh n white poles Black mesh n white poles
These Grandparents in Spring Hill have lots of Grandchildren of their own. Now they can actually sit down when they go on the back porch with the kids. This pool fence has white poles to match their screen enclosure.


Black Pool Fence Black Pool Fence
Black pool fence is our most popular color. Black is the most transparent and never looks dirty.


Black mesh n white poles Black mesh n white poles
The black mesh with white poles is becoming a popular color especially for people with white screen enclosures.


Black Black
This Pool Fence in Manatee County was a challenge. Lots of angles and turns.


Black n Gray Black n Gray
Sometimes this color really goes great with it surroundings.


 Florida Beige on Pavers. Florida Beige on Pavers.
This color looks great with pavers.


Florida Beige with Brown mesh Florida Beige with Brown mesh
This Lakeland home had a 3 yr old boy and were expecting one on the way. This job was 102' of fence and the only way to protect this one was to go all the way around the pool. Most customers understand the safety and convenience in getting one of our self closing, self latching, lockable gates.


Black n White all the way around pool. Black n White all the way around pool.
These parents did not trust the screen enclosure being strong enough to protect their children so they decided to go all the way around their pool with our fence and Self closing, self latching safety gate.


Black-n-White Black-n-White
Another one of our pool fences with Black mesh with White pole jobs. This color combo went really well with the red deck in this beautiful home in Clearwater. Some really good close up shots of our hand made self closing, self latching, lockable gates in these pictures also.


Grandmothers home Grandmothers home
The Grandmother at this home was having nightmares about finding her Granddaughter in the swimming pool. Her Granddaughter often stays the night. Hopefully she will sleep better now knowing she has a pool fence with a self closing, self latching, lockable gate.


Brown n Beige Brown n Beige
This job required a little creativeness. Code says no gaps bigger than 4 inches below 4 feet. So, we used a piece of plexiglass to close of the gap from the last pole to the windows. The home owner was very pleased with the outcome.


All Brown All Brown
This job in the Countryside area was done with our all Brown fence. The back porch of this home was not very big so the home owners wanted to stay as close to the pool as building code would allow.


Citrus Springs Citrus Springs
This home had holes from a previous fence but they were not drilled correctly and probably done by the previous home owner. A job that is not drilled correctly will result in loose fences and unsafe functionality. Luckily for the new owner he was going to re surface his deck down the road anyways, his old holes will be filled and then finished over making them disappear. Before they did anything to their new home they wanted a pool fence. Now that's having your priorities in check.


All Black in Palm Harbor All Black in Palm Harbor
On this particular pool we started at the center of both sides and worked our way around to be sure the poles around each end were in the exact same place at each of the four corners. The home owners plan to add a gate in the near future. A pool fence with a self closing, self latching gate is always safer.


Another happy customer Another happy customer
These parents wanted a pool fence before their newborn child could even crawl.


All Black fence All Black fence
These home owners made sure they protected their children before they even moved in to their new home.


New pool construction New pool construction
This new swimming pool needed a pool fence to pass its final inspection, its the law in Florida. This home owner wanted white poles with his fence to match the white screen enclosure.


Pool Fence St Pete Pool Fence St Pete
We went around the pool and across the seawall with our Pool Fence in this St Petersburg home. Now their child can run around the entire back yard without getting in to danger.


Seawall Seawall
These St Petersburg Parents also chose to install a Pool Fence across their seawall. A fall from a seawall could lead to worse injuries than falling in to a swimming pool.


Grandparents home Grandparents home
The Grandparents not only wanted to stop the children from entering the pool unattended but they also wanted their pond protected from the family pet because he kept trying to eat the fish. Its is also estimated that 5000 pets drown annually in back yard swimming pools.


Palm Harbor residents. Brown w/Beige poles. Palm Harbor residents. Brown w/Beige poles.
These Palm Harbor residents wanted two gates in their Pool Fence for convenience.


Lakeland Lakeland
This customer in Land O Lakes chose all black Pool Fence for this job because they wanted the fence to blend with their pool enclosure.