About Us

My Baby Fence is a family owned and operated business. We all have children of our own and understand how precious their lives are. We also understand how fast a child can get out of your sight and into trouble without a pool fence. Every time we install a fence it gives us great peace of mind knowing that one more child is safe from drowning. Many times the reason we are at a home installing a pool fence is because a neighbors' child has sadly drowned, or they themselves have had a close call of their own. In either case, the home owners become terrified after seeing with their own eyes how easily a drowning can happen.

A pool fence should be installed around a swimming pool before your infant can crawl. Once your infant is able to crawl they are in great danger of drowning without a pool fence. Drowning can happen to even the very best parents. Most parents think it will not happen to them because they watch their child like a hawk. It is not lack of supervision; it literally only takes a matter of seconds for a drowning to happen. Just about every week you hear of some sort of drowning accident involving a toddler in their back yard swimming pool. This is frustrating for us to hear these sad stories because being parents ourselves we know the pain these parents are feeling and we know it was preventable had they have just simply installed a pool fence.

Please do not hesitate to call us and invite us in to your home for a free estimate. Our fences are color designed to blend in with your pool decking and home colors perfectly making the fence look as if it belongs there. We will help you figure out the best placement for your fence isolating the pool, making it safe and as convenient as possible.

Disclaimer - Please keep in mind infants, toddlers and children should never be left alone and that a pool fence is not a substitute for parental supervision.